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Disseminate SATO self-medication from Asia base

It is a stable supply from Taiwan to Japan and Hong Kong as for the Sato product of the high quality.It is a stable supply from Taiwan to Japan and Hong Kong as for the Sato product of the high quality.

Sato medicine manufacture.
It is at 1965 that drinking OTC and the medicine appeared in a Taiwanese market.
It is delivered to original of the consumer via the domestic agent, and people's trust has been built by the height of a certain effect and the quality since then. “Sato medicine manufacture groin limited company” that bears medicine manufacturing and sales along with rise of healthy needs in Taiwan in 1988 afterwards(Sato medicine manufacture100% subsidiary company)Establishment. High-quality same products will be produced with Japan in the locale, the employee of our company proceed directly to the site in the drugstore and the apothecary, and providing with service that promptly and is fine be achieved. It is 60 articles in total that sold in Taiwan unifying the production goods of this factory and imports from Japan now. The product of a Taiwanese factory is exported to the OTC market in Japan and Hong Kong besides being sold in 1000 shops or more such as two domestic large drugstores.

Business contents

In Taiwan, “Health care innovation” is sent in Japan through the development of the trusted medicine.
● Stand medicine export import industry
● Cosmetics and medical treatment tools import industry
● Drug seller
● Medicine manufacturing
Medicine and others for foreign export such as various medicine types of tablet, granulated powder medicine, capsule medicine, film medicine, ointment cream medicine, external application liquid medicine, and taking liquid medicine and medicines for domestic use and Japan

Japanese imports articles

35 Japanese imports articles

Taiwanese factory workpiece articles

28 Taiwanese factory workpiece articles
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